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Pioneer se-master1 Traditional Wired Headphones

By: Pioneer
Pioneer se-master1 Traditional Wired Headphones
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Manufacturer Description

Meticulous attention to even the finest detail was given to the production of the SE-MASTER1. Each unit is assembled by a master craftsman at the Tohoku Pioneer Plant in Japan; the birthplace of many iconic speaker models. We pour our advanced technological know-how into every step of the journey-from design to production and quality control- so your headphones deliver excellence without compromise. The lightweight, 25 -thick aluminum diaphragm is treated with a ceramic coating to add rigidity, enhance its natural performance, and deliver excellent sound quality. The result is high resolution sound across all frequencies with minimum noise. Our specialists used computer aided engineering(CAE) to select, prototype and test the best materials for the diaphragm and magnetic circuits, ensuring superb sound characteristics and clarity. Originally developed for car speakers, the full basket system reduces resonance while delivering an energetic sound. The speaker unit is firmly secured using aluminum and the base is finished with ASA resin, which adds excellent weather resistance. 3.5mm-thick aluminum alloy housing minimizes resonance from the driver units to produce an accurate sound with a clearly defined, tight bass and high-res mids and highs. The wide, suede-feel head cushion can be adjusted to 14 different positions, giving you excellent comfort and stability. The SE-MASTER1s feature the industry's first detachable lateral pressure rods, enabling you to choose your preferred headband tension. Simply change the tension rod to achieve strong or weak lateral pressure and enjoy superb sound isolation and comfortable wear over long periods. The diaphragm's edges are ribbed and made with a sturdy poly-ether-ether-ketone(PEEK) film to deliver a smooth sound and reduce distortion. The SE-MASTER1s are capable of reproducing high-resolution audio of up to 85,000Hz, more than double the minimum requirement for high-res headphones(40,000Hz).

Product Features

6.3 mm Connector 3 metre long cable Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 85000 Hz